Matthew Monahan

F Minor I and II,Ink on paperTwo parts, each 175 x 81.5 cm,2000

The Family Tree,mixed media285 x 82 x 63 cm, 2005

Untitled (Standing Figure)Ink on paper216 x 82 cm,1997

Link: Matthew Monahan Saatchi, Fonds Welters

Sara van der Heide

Central Parc, 43 x 56 cm, ink on paper, 2001

The Projector, black ink on paper,2008

 Reorder of the World,  31 x 30.7 cm, ink on paper 2010

Marten Hendriks

new model

razor house (form precedes content)

recovered reproduction  –  untitled charcoal drawing on paper  –  1988



Links: Marten Hendriks

Stephan van den Burg

pencil and tape on paper, 25.4 x 25.4 cm, 2009

glimmerin' (now or never) overzicht in het GEM, 2010

detail van T.B.A. met re:conquered (1) colored pencil on paper, 14.8 x 21 cm, in Wetering Galerie, 2010
Link: Stephan van den Burg, Wetering Galerie

Marjolijn van der Meij

Drunk - 2008 - 300cm 320cm - charcoal on paper

Smoking - 2009 - 50cm 60cm - charcoal on paper
seance - 2010 - 100cm 140cm - charcoal on paper

Link: Marjolijn van der Meij, de-begrafenis-van-het-gemis-overWest

Christopher Davison

 Cafe Royal (series)
30x21 cm graphite on paper